About us

FormCaptchas.com has been created by CodePeople. CodePeople is an association of independent software developers, designers and web entrepreneurs. Created in 2005, it was initially meant to provide a corporate identity to some little software projects. Now, CodePeople is one of the market leaders in the field of Dreamweaver (tm) extensions, secure audio players and SEO tools. Time is a resource as valuable as any other. Our extensions and other products saved time and trouble to thousands of webmasters around the world. Our inexpensive, yet efficient and easy to use software allows you to achieve your web goals faster, with minimal effort, and without requiring any special skills.

We have developed a large number of captcha products and other tools for web forms, most of them published at HotDreamweaver.com. Based on our experience with captcha products, hosting services capabilities and common compatibility problems we designed this service focused in: