Packages & Prices

Prices are based on the number of captcha image requests to our servers. Each time that the page containing a captcha image (the page that contains the protected form) on your site is visited (a page impression), this will require a new captcha image to be served from our server. That means: 1 page impression = 1 captcha image request.

Our free basic package covers up to 100 page impressions per month. If the page that contains the protected form on your site is viewed less than 100 times per month, then the free package is enough for you. On the other hand, if that page has a large number of page impressions per month, then you need to acquire one of the following packages.

up to 100 impressionsmonthyFREE!
up to 500 impressionsmonthy$4.99
up to 1,500 impressionsmonthy$9.99
up to 3,000 impressionsmonthy$14.99
up to 5,000 impressionsmonthy$19.99
up to 10,000 impressionsmonthy$29.99
up to 15,000 impressionsmonthy$39.99
up to 50,000 impressionsmonthy$69.99
up to 100,000 impressionsmonthy$99.99
up to 500,000 impressionsmonthy$199.99

To acquire a package go to the "Billing" section of your account.

Note: The payment is made through a Paypal subscription, this way you don't have to manually pay the package each month, because the subscription is automatic. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Note: The impressions are not accumulative; the value is reset at the beginning of the month (the month starts to count the day that you make the package purchase).